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I'm Emilio Dami, Systems Development, criptocurrencies analyst and Business Administration.


I am graduated in Systems Development and Business Administration, proactive, resilient, self-taught, dedicated and disciplined. I develop systems since 1985 and work with the languages C #, C ++, Python, Java, Php, Delphi, Android and Visual Studio. I led good developer teams, performing strategic planning, business plans and goals.

Today I am focused on products aimed at criptocurrencies and blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and development of internet products of things with Arduino.

I have a software company and we are prepared to do specific services and with contractual guarantees. I am making myself available to carry out strategic planning, make business plans and lead teams. I can contribute a lot to leverage your business.

I've Got Some skills.

  • Criptocurrencies - Bitcoin / Ethereum
  • Blockchain
  • java, php, C #, C ++, Python and delphi
  • Internet products of things / Arduino
  • Web developer - Html5/Css3
  • Business Administration


See my experience with technology.

January 2018 - Present

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Tecnology

Front-end Developer

Development of a domestic buying and selling ecosystem in blockchain / Ethereum.

The job is to create internal mechanisms within the residences to collect information and send them to the cell phones to contact the vendors, deliveryers and the entire supply chain within the application automatically.

The app will allow payment throughout the supply chain with any virtual coins or even card or paper money after delivery of the products.

October 2017 - Present

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Tecnology

Front-end Developer

Development of applications that search on the Internet which are the operators that negotiate virtual currencies offering to the client the most advantageous buy and sell options.

January 2018 - Present

Robots for Traders

Brazilian stock exchange

Development of scripts and robots to operate automatically on the mt4 and mt5 platform by executing daytrades orders on the Brazilian stock exchange.

July 2012 - Agosto 2014

Administrative System

Business Developer

Complete administrative system developed in Delphi for the company VIUS.

The system consists of fully managing the financial accounts, inventories, billing, accounts payable and receivable, costs and all necessary budget for execution of works including the automatic purchasing system.

See my experience with business administrator.

My Work Experience.

Janeiro 2007 - Present

Art Software

Director - Software

Strategic planning and New Business Development with a focus on crypto-coin products and blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and internet product development of things with arduino.

Agosto 2012 - Present



Strategic planning and new business development aimed at recovering the financial health of VIUS in the year 2018, planning new business and ventures for VIUS for the next five years.

July 2007 - June 2013

Ludes Construções


I work in the area of ​​Strategy, Market Research, Entrepreneurship, Tecnology and Marketing. Strategic consulting, including business plan and sales strategy development and currently the company is inactive.

July 2011 - June 2012

Prudente Refeições

Consultant in IT and Accounting Management

I worked as a programmer, system analyst, manager and director. I developed all information system, network and database of this company. I developed every system of organization and methods. Lastly, I worked as a director and today I am part-time general consultant for this company.

What People Say.

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Emílio is a qualified, focused, dedicated and with excellent logical and administrative capacity to manage thriving businesses. And an honest and humane director is a type of determined professional who is always looking for results. It has a high academic qualification, intelligence and competence to solve problems and determined solutions. I always recommend it!

Viviane Cristina Financial Administrative Manager
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I worked with Emilio for about a year and was able to observe the great technical knowledge, availability and ease of relationship with all, in addition to the results which delivers consistently. He is a high-end professional, prepared for any challenge.

José Mauricio Abadia Electrical Supervisor


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Mobile: (+55) (94) 98168-4371



Rua 15 de Novembro, nº 8, casa 3, Bairro Jardim Bela Vista Canaã dos Carajás, PA 68.537-000 Brasil